To generate conversations and responses from prospects, We facilitates outbound calls – by analyzing email open and response times and other online activity, SMART Calling makes sure prospects that are most reachable at any given moment are moved to the top of the calling list, resulting to higher conversion rates for your campaign.

Email Marketing

Direct – Target initiates contact through targeted email – that is, having attention-grabbing subject lines, brief but precise body text and compelling calls to action, which almost always guarantees better open and reply rates. Thousands of initial and follow-up emails are sent via email system — fully equipped with open and click tracking, and KPI reporting.

Social Media Marketing

Our Pipeline’s social media feature allows the team to systematically scour the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in the contact list. The client may also opt to have sent out messages to all connections made to maximize chances of generating leads.

Lead Generation Services

LeadGen - Our goal is to match your product or service with people who need it. We get you message in front of the right people (social, SEO, SEM). We capture, we build your tribe by exchanging value (list building, sign up). We engage, nurture leads through direct conversation (email and calling campaigns). And lastly, we set appointments for sales team. Lead Gen is about connecting your product to people who need it. Think long -term relationships, not a short term grab.

PR Marketing

PR Marketing - The goal of PR marketing is to create awareness and trust. We tell your story to the right audience, at the right time. We design powerful campaigns that create positive change for our clients.

We bring together the very best public relations and marketing talent. Working together as a team, our consultants are hand-selected to meet the needs of your business. With a fierce passion for delivering results, we collaborate with our clients to create a strategy designed to fit your goals, needs and budget.